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Top 6 Web Development Frameworks & Technologies For 2020

By Steve Torres | January 23, 2020

Top 6 Web Development Frameworks & Technologies For 2020

The present scenario is not only edgy and competitive but also technical. With more than 3.5 billion active users; the internet holds nearly 3 billion websites currently. As this figure is likely to grow more in the coming years, web developers in India are going to lead the market once again. However, global entrepreneurs these days prefer to have mobile applications for their business expansion instead of the websites and for the said purpose, they constantly rely on a website development company in India, in order to attain instant and outstanding results.

Role of Frameworks & Developers in Web Development Industry

The growing industry of mobile apps urges for that swift pace which keeps your entity ahead in the competitive race of being superlative irrespective of the business model, size, and revenue. Therefore, almost all the industries need technology experts.

The web development industry, not being an exception, always have some specific needs of quality technicalities when it comes to app or website development. A full-stack developer is a job role in this technical field that remains in high demand throughout the year because not everyone can become a good web development service providers at a reasonable price. So if you are also looking forward to pursue a career as a full-stack web developer, this article is for you.

Website Development Companies in India persistently emphasize to hire proficient and dedicated full-stack developers who possess a sound knowledge of all the latest web development trends and technologies together with the advanced functionalities and best practices for the application for delivering standard web solutions.

Best-in-class Technologies & Frameworks for Web Development

Web apps have a server-side i.e., backend and a client-side known as frontend and without any doubt, frameworks are an important part of a web application development process. You should be aware of the latest web development technologies and strive to create interactive applications with the newest techniques and tools otherwise your competitive brand will lead the share.

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A technology or framework should compile with the latest web development trends, besides being easy to handle by the developer, because customers nowadays don’t merely get impressed by the online presence of a corporation; they wish to know more but in short. Henceforth, your website should be worthy enough to grab the attention of viewers globally.

Let us take a deep dive into some of the top-rated, widely used and hassle-free web development technologies & frameworks that you must know and learn if:-

  •  You are new in this industry and want to efficiently perform as an ideal web developer or if,
  • You are worried about choosing a suitable framework to accelerate your business dealings.


yii framwork expert indian web developers

Yii is built in PHP5 and works similar to Asp.net. It is an open-source web development framework, which allows you to develop web solutions in an easy phase but within less time.
Despite being very secure and simple to use, the YII framework is highly-optimized to deliver exceptional performance as it carries several built-in tools for debugging and testing tools. It is considered best for writing reliable codes and developing web applications with a number of repetitive tasks. YII render a stable data migration service to its customers.


angular framwork expert web developer

Angular is the latest framework, published in June 2019, especially for the development of dynamic front-end based web applications without making use of plugins. The initial version of Angular, which was Angular 1.x, used Javascript, though it was later realized in superset of Javascript, Typescript. Angular is a product of Google and presently employed by Microsoft, Paypal, and Google of course.
There is so much to learn and work on this vibrant framework. It is a front-end web framework that enables you to build a great single-page application. However, it is SEO optimized, but not SEO friendly and it is considered as its main con.


Blockchain framwork expert web developers in India

With Blockchain, the security and information industry has seen several progressive and revolutionary transformations, which are acknowledged highly-beneficial in terms of more stable data dexterity.
Whether it is a website or a mobile application, all demand to keep a store of their relevant data and blockchain fulfills their requests with high security. There are a wide range of industries actively using blockchain. Including financial, healthcare and educational organizations, various leading companies are currently working on blockchain.

Internet of Things (IoT)

internet of things framework

There are multiple web application development frameworks and technologies that are capturing their share in the market and IoT is one of them. It might not be a new name but hold a very strong position in the list. Smart devices for instance smartphones, smartTV, smartwatch, and smart assistant speakers like Alexa are a part of our regular life. All such devices work through mobile applications or websites, which are a perfect example of integration between software, hardware, and an online platform. This integration is continuously rising on a daily basis and it will be the next future of the technology world in the next few couple of years.
As per an estimate, there will be more than 30 million devices that will be connected with the internet of things in 2020.


symfony framwork

Symfony is a trustworthy and renowned name for PHP developers. This framework is known for minimizing the time consumption in the development of a complex PHP based web page or application. It is highly appreciated for its fast speed and code reusability feature together with the stability even in high-performing apps.
Symfony framework provides an extremely convenient event dispatcher along with the dependency injection that operates optimally in comparatively less amount of memory. Although, it is sometimes considered quite slow when it comes to real-time apps. At present, more than 13,000 live websites are using this popular web framework with a set of reusable PHP modules.


react framwork

The list cannot be said complete without including React. Rather than being a typical framework, React is a front-end JavaScript library, developed by Facebook. In was the very first one who adopted the revolutionary component-based architecture. Many other frameworks like Vue and Angular, later on, adopted it.
The JCX syntax structured virtual dom of React makes it extremely simple, fast and straightforward mobile app interface creator for iOS and Android. Top brands like Facebook, Instagram, and very popular TikTok, are constantly using this for their cross-platform versions.

Closing Views

All the above-mentioned web frameworks and technologies can be catered as per your business requirements and can be put in use according to the time and budget of the project. There is a wide community of highly-experienced and proficient Indian Web Developers who holds immense expertise on the best practices of Website Development. If it still sounds hard to choose the right web framework and technology; review the requirements and objectives of your project. Now, consider the advantages and limitations and accordingly hire a specialist Indian web developer for your business. So, pick one framework or technology from overhead and start working on it.

Do not hesitate to learn, explore, and adopt the latest technologies of web development whenever possible. Do remember that there is nothing like a dead end and the top brands and tycoons always keep on migrating and trying new technical stuff all the time, which eventually improves the entire world of technology.

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