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Things To Take Care Of While Hiring Indian Web Developers

By Steve Torres | July 17, 2020

Things To Take Care Of While Hiring Indian Web Developers

Hiring Indian web developer can be one of the most crucial functions of any organization as they are going to create the online presence of your company. This makes it necessary to bag the right kind of talent from the very onset. Doing otherwise can lead to a massive loss in terms of both time and money. The growing importance of the internet is making more and more businesses opt for the virtual portal to showcase their products and services. In such a scenario, the web developers can serve as your primary ally in winning the competition by standing out from peers. But if you want to unleash the fullest potential of your hired Indian web developers, then you need to clear out the following points from the very onset:

Be Clear With The Agenda

Firstly, you will have to make sure that no communication gap exists with your appointed Indian web developer. Once you come up with the app idea, you will have to hold discussions with the web developers so that everything becomes crystal clear for both the parties. Here you might also draw reference of any particular theme, your existing website or a competitor one. Once the developers gain a thorough idea of the type of mobile app you require, they can surely excel in delivering something which is bound to surpass your expectations.

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Conduct A Cost Check

Before finalising the budget with a particular client, you will have to enquire about the current market rates. In this way, both the parties will stand benefitted as the rate will be fixed as per industry standard. If you are not sure about the online sources, then you can also consult friends who have been working in the digital sphere as bloggers or digital marketers. They can provide you with a rough estimate of the costs so that you can state the same to your shortlisted web developer. It is also advisable to consult multiple developers before finalising one for your project.

Ensure Transparency Parameters

You should maintain an open-door communication with the Indian web developers from the very beginning. The company should have a clear understanding of your expectations so that they can deliver accordingly. Adequate transparency is also required in terms of the budget and whether or not you like the design prototype. It is also required to clearly spell out that the budget cannot be exceeded in any way as well as the features which should be provided within the estimated cost.

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Have A Proper Plan In Place

Before proceeding with the actual development process, it is necessary to have a set plan in place. Firstly, you will have to decide on the designs which are followed by technological development. Next comes testing after which the website comes live. Throughout this whole process, no gaps should be present between expectation and reality. And in case if gaps do crop up, then you will have to communicate the same with your hired Indian web developer for dealing with the same.

Set Milestones

Money is paid to the web developers in milestone form and such milestones are decided well in advance before commencement of the actual project. Suppose 25% is being paid after finalisation of the plan, 25% paid once the designs are being made, and the remaining gets paid by following other preset milestones. For keeping legal troubles at bay, you should always keep the entire milestone costing in a written form, duly signed by both the parties. However, if you are a foreign company who has appointed an Indian web developer, then you can get the whole milestone pricing on email with a digital signature affixed to the same.

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Compute The Total Time Duration

Before deciding on the Indian web developer, you will have to discuss the time limit for the project. Business houses often plan the launch of a particular app according to special events such as their birthday or calendar holidays like Christmas or Diwali. You can even enforce a legal contract upon your hired web developers in terms of completion of the project. It is also advisable to have a backup plan in place about what you will do in case your appointed web development agency fails to deliver the project on time.

Check On The After Sales Service

The responsibility of your chosen Indian web developer doesn’t end once the app is launched in the app store. After-sales services might have a big role to play in determining the ultimate efficacy of the services. Several web developers provide certain months of maintenance and security to the app so that business houses do not have to deal with the technical troubles from the very onset. They might also cater to customer concerns and complaints along the way.

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Look At Past Experience

Once you have catered to all the doubt points mentioned above, you can ultimately proceed with selecting the Indian web developer. But before that, you should conduct one last background check of the developer. For this, you can either ask for their past work portfolio or search for the same from the internet. Various web developers have their own website which lists down past clients and apps which can be cross-checked for more surety. You should scan the review section of their past apps to garner a clear understanding of their technical efficiency and after-sales services.

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Web developers can assist you in the creation of captivating websites which come packed with alluring features. The technologically advanced solutions offered by the Indian web developers at reasonable costs can bring down your overhead expenses so that you can park the fund into more demanding avenues. Their profound knowledge of various platforms helps in delivering cutting-edge solutions which are attractive and highly user-friendly.


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