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10 Reliable Programming Languages to Master in 2021

By Steve Torres | December 11, 2020

10 Reliable Programming Languages to Master in 2021

A decade ago, every other person wanted to become a lawyer or a doctor. Today, there is a shift in the craze, and every other person wants to get into the IT world and become a programmer or a developer. The reason for it is the demand. Before the technological revolution, there was a demand for other jobs.

Similarly, now the demand is significantly high for programming jobs. Furthermore, programming is among the most sought-after and high paying jobs. Thus, the following are some facts to show you the increase in the demand for IT jobs:

There is a 7-13% increase in the average pay from country to country with a 17% increase in the front and back-end developers demand

There is also an increase of 1400% and 517% in demand for AR/VR and Blockchain developers

The craze for learning programming languages is drastically high and people are willing to hire indian web developer to business online. But, there is much confusion when people have to decide which programming language web developer should learn. So, here are some of the best programming languages you can learn in 2021 that will give you the best opportunities to boost your career.

Renowned Programming Languages for Coders in 2021


Creator: Guido Van Rossum

Developer: Python Software Foundation

Release: February 1991

Not only is it the fastest-growing programming language, but it is also one of the top languages to learn. It has the edge over its competitors. One of Python’s best things is that it is a high-level programming language, which makes it very easy to learn. Furthermore, Python is the most in-demand language in the market as of now. People also consider it a beginner’s language for programming, and it is an open-source language. Python is straightforward to understand and comprehend.

It is gaining popularity at a very high place, and it is estimated to top the table in very little time. According to a study, Python is also one of Github developers’ most popular programming languages, leaving Java behind. Additionally, another survey states that it is the second beloved programming language. It comes after Rust. A fourth of the survey respondents also want to learn only Python.

Most development jobs are also open to Python experts. Therefore, it is the best option to go for in artificial intelligence and data analysis. All in all, the demand for Python is expected to incline considerably in the near future.

It has a wide range of applications, including web development, machine learning, data and business science, and network servers. You can also use Python for creating 2D and 3D images. Huge companies like Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon also use the Python programming language in their operations.

Advantages of Python:

  • Easy to use and easy to learn
  • High code readability
  • Lets you build prototypes and scale complex apps
  • Has a fantastic community support
  • Open-source programming language and has a wide-range library support


Disadvantages of Python:


  • Threading not up to the mark because of the Global Interpreter Lock
  • Immature layer for database access
  • No support for mobile computing



Creator: Brendan Eich

Release: December 4, 1995

Developer: Netscape Corp, Mozilla Foundation, Ecma Intl.

It is the most sought-after language for client-side development. It is also growing for back-end development, gaming, and the IoT.Furthermore, it is famous for its interactive elements that you can add to web apps and browsers. A large number of front-end developers also prefer JavaScript. According to a survey, it is the most famous programming language. Furthermore, 66% of the same survey respondents want to use Js, out of which 17.8% want to master it.

It also lets the developer build a highly interactive website, game, and mobile or desktop app. Additionally, many tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and PayPal use Javascript in their operations. So, the average salary of a Javascript professional in the IT sector is around 3.5LPA.

Advantages of Javascript:

  • Multipurpose language and requires no compilation
  • Extensive community support with plenty of resources
  • Runs instantly in the browses
  • Provides a highly responsive website interface
  • Simple to implement

Let’s you make a wide variety of apps

Disadvantages of Javascript:

  • Single legacy
  • Different browsers understand it differently
  • Doesn’t have an equivalent method



Creator: James Gosling

Developer: Sun Microsystems

Release: May 23, 1995

It is also one of the programming languages that are in a significantly high demand. Java Virtual Machine brings in the cross-platform compatibility of the language, which is a great part. Java is also famous for providing one of the highest numbers of jobs in the programming field. Therefore, it is why Java is so prevalent in the community of developers.

During its initial days, Java was the first choice of Google for developing Android apps. Java also has a Write Once Run Anywhere feature. With the feature, you can prepare a code on one machine and run it on a different device.

Java is a robust, secure, and independent open-source language. Since its release, Java has been widely used in Banking, Science, Web, Mobile, and Desktop development. Furthermore, IT companies like Infosys and IBM use Java. A java expert can expect a starting salary of 5-8LPA.

Advantages of Java:

  • Numerous open-source libraries
  • Automatic memory allocation, garbage collection, and provides stack allocation
  • Follows the OOP paradigm
  • Ideal for distributed computing and is capable of multithreading
  • Database connection and API for many tasks like XML parsing


Disadvantages of Java:

  • Slower than some of its competitors
  • No template limits


PHP Programming Language

Creator: Rasmus Lerdofr

Developer: Zend, PHP development team

Release: May 23, 1995

Learn PHP Programming Language

This programming language has an interesting backstory. It was initially made for homepage maintenance. Today, around 23 percent of the websites in the world use PHP. Many people also use PHP for writing web pages in HTML and creating static and dynamic websites. Furthermore, big companies like Facebook and Yahoo use PHP in their operations. A PHP expert can also expect a starting salary of 2.5-3.5 LPA

Advantages of PHP:

  • Numerous frameworks
  • Easy to use for developing web pages
  • Efficient repairing with Xdebug
  • Tremendous community support and ecosystem
  • Has multiple automation tools for testing and deploying apps

Disadvantages of PHP:


  • Has no security
  • Poor error management and lacks extensions


C# Programming Language

Creator: Microsoft Corp

Developer: Microsoft

Release: 2000

It is one of the simplest OOPs to work with and learn. C# is fast, secure, and also has numerous libraries. Thus, all these make C# the best language to choose after C++. C# also has a similar syntax to C and is entirely combined with .NET.

It also integrates easily with Windows. You can efficiently use C# for game development, VR gaming, and Windows. Companies like Xtreem Solution and Zealous System use C# in their operations. Additionally, if you are a C# expert, you will likely get starting packages of 4.5LPA.

Advantages of C#:

No pointers; thus, it is better than C++ in this aspect

  • Works with common codebases
  • High scalability and updates automatically
  • Component OOP
  • Combines with the .NET library
  • Has library functions and is ideal for Windows development
  • Quick compilation and execution
  • Has sets of data types and supports type safety

Disadvantages of C#:

  •  Still permits pointers in unsafe blocks
  • Less flexibility
  • You need to put in a lot of efforts and time to learn
  • You need high skills to correct errors

C++ Programming Language

Creator: Bjarne Stroustrup

Developer: IEC Joint Technical Committee 1

Release: 1985

It is one of the most efficient and flexible programming languages ever to exist. C++ has a high demand for a very long time because of its trustworthiness and performance. C++ also supports object-oriented programming, and it has various libraries. You can widely use C++ for web and mobile app development, game development, embedded systems, and desktop apps.

Tech giants like Google and Microsoft mainly use C++ in their operations. Furthermore, if you are a C++ expert, you can expect a starting salary of around 4.2LPA.

Advantages of C++:

Presence of numerous libraries and compilers with rich functions

  • Quick executions of programs
  • Offers a high level of transferability
  • Programs are easy to understand
  • Supports execution handling and also function overloading

Disadvantages of C++:

  • Syntax is complex
  • No dynamic memory location or garbage collection
  • No run-time checking

SCALA Programming Language

Creator: Martin Odersky

Developer: Programming Methods Library

Release: January 20, 2004

Scala was developed to solve the problems developers face with the Java Programming Language. Not only does it support OOP, but it also supports functional programming. You can type it statically, compile it in Java Byte Code and execute it in the virtual machine.

There is a prominent use of SCALA in data analysis, web development, and data streaming. Furthermore, companies like the New York Times primarily use the SCALA Programming Language in their operations. A SCALA expert can quickly get a starting package of around 4-5LPA.

Advantages of SCALA:

  • Easy to pick up and notable support for IDEs
  • High scalability and functionality
  • Ideal for data analytics

Disadvantages of SCALA:

  • A relatively small pool of developers
  • A little difficult to understand

 SWIFT Programming Language

Creator: Apple, Inc.

Developer: Apple, Inc.

Release: June 2, 2014

It is an open-source programming language that is primarily used for Apple apps development. You should go for SWIFT if you want to build iOS apps. SWIFT is fast, secure, and easy to learn, just like Python. SWIFT’s primary uses are in software development and iOS app development. It is a language that inspires programmers to write clean code.

Many coders use SWIFT these days to make their resumes look even better. SWIFT uses the fundamentals of Objective C. It is the reason why SWIFT is so flexible. A fun fact about SWIFT is that developers can also use emojis in the code.

Big companies like 9GAG, Apple, and Slack use SWIFT in their operations. Furthermore, if you are a SWIFT expert, you can quickly get a 3.6-4LPA starting salary.

Advantages of SWIFT:

  • Prevents memory leaks
  • High scalability and readability
  • Automatic memory management
  • Simple to add new features
  • Faster than most of its competing programming languages

 Disadvantages of SWIFT:

  • Not much community support and limited resources
  • Instability
  • Support absent for legacy projects
  • Only used for apps after iOS7

KOTLIN Programming Language

Creator: JetBrains

Release: 2011

KOTLIN is one of the most loved programming languages. It can also operate with Java and has no limitations. Furthermore, KOTLIN also supports functional programming languages. The main uses of it are for Android app development, desktop app, web, and back-end development.

According to a study, KOTLIN is one of the five most famous programming languages, with Java, Python, Go, and SCALA. Furthermore, it is the fourth rapidly-growing programming language.

Although it is a relatively new language, companies like Uber, Coursera, and Pinterest use it in their operations. Therefore, if you are a KOTLIN expert, you can get a starting package of around 2-5LPA.

Advantages of KOTLIN:

Ideal for compiling and efficient as a programming language

Provides a very high run-time performance

No raw types

 Disadvantages of KOTLIN:

Less KOTLIN experts

The speed of compilation can change

 Final Words

So, these were the top languages for you to learn in 2021. Furthermore, each programming language has its ups and downs. Thus, deciding which one is better than the other depends entirely on your requirements. If you want to get your projects done, you can always hire an Indian web developer or a team of them.

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