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Insights to Deal with the Freelance Indian Web Developer Project

By Steve Torres | July 24, 2020

Insights to Deal with the Freelance Indian Web Developer Project

Before you learn about how to manage the freelance project, you need to know what a freelance Indian web developer needs to do. You must understand that there will be no team to extend their helping hand. There will be no team leader who is there to skim you from any difficulty.

Moreover, the most exciting part is that there will be no boss who is going to be over your head to remind you of the deadline again and again. If you have chosen freelance projects, it means you are the boss. But you should have self-motivation, discipline, and organization. Therefore, if you are ready to adopt these three mantras, you can handle your freelance Indian web developer projects very efficiently.

Handling Freelance Web Developer Projects- An Art

More than the knowledge in the field of web development, you need to know how to manage it as a freelancer. There is a lot of difference between doing any project with a team and as a freelancer. Both have some knowledge about the development, but freelancers need to walk that extra mile. Let us learn how to manage your freelance Indian web developer projects in the following sections.

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Detailed Requirement

It is always a wise idea to demand detailed requirements from your client. When you get a successful bid, you have been provided with an only summary of the project and its budget. So, the detailed requirement is essential before you start working on the project. Thus a detailed brief is necessary due to the following reasons:

  • It helps you in the determination of time and cost breakdown.
  • You can optimize the time taken in the project efficiently.
  • Also, if you keep asking questions to your client in the middle of the project, then it can cost you in terms of time. Moreover, you may lose the confidence of your client.
  • Discuss in detail with your client about the requirements. It becomes essential when you are dealing with Indian web developer projects having maintenance work too. Besides, in case you are going to take the project which has already made some progress, then you further need to have a more accurate idea about the project.
  1. Mode of Communication

Some people prefer conversing through email or message while some prefer having a conversation on a video call. Choose the option you are comfortable and communicate with the client to get detailed requirements. A clear cut idea helps to complete the project on time and within the cost.

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  1. Create Milestone

Based on the detailed requirements you get, break down the time of completion of the project into smaller milestones. It helps you in achieving the target. You can easily monitor the progress of work.

Moreover, completing each milestone boosts your morale to work on the remaining part of the project with more energy and enthusiasm. It also helps you in preparing the cost breakdown of the project. It must cover the initial design of beta testing for final submission.

  1. Sub-milestones

You can also create sub-milestones for yourself to monitor the progress on a daily or weekly basis. It depends upon the period of the project. Monitoring the project based on sub-milestones also makes sure you avoid any time extension. If you see that you are lagging in your target, you can expedite the work in the next milestone and can complete that part in lesser time.

Remember, time management or optimization of time is more important for any project to achieve the target on time. It automatically optimizes the cost of the project.

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  1. Sign the Contract

Nothing can be better than the peace of mind of completing an Indian web developer project on time and efficiently. Therefore, agree with your client. It must include the cost breakdown as per milestone. By doing this, you can get your payment in a phased manner. It helps you a lot financially as well in boosting your morale to do the work with more enthusiasm.

  1. Maintain Gap

Coding is the most vital part of Indian web developer projects. It needs a lot of concentration. When you sit to do the coding work, it will be brainstorming. Therefore, if you think that you can minimize the time to achieve your target by sitting longer, you are making a mistake. Take a gap and relax your mind. The more relaxed your brain is, the more efficiently you can work, particularly the coding part.

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  1. Fix Priority

In general, as a freelancer, you are not working on a single project. If you are working on multiple Indian web developer projects, you must fix the priority concerning the completion date. Divide your time and schedule accordingly.

  1. Fix Different Deadlines

If you are working on multiple projects, fix different deadlines for each project. Spread out the deadline conveniently. If you keep the deadline for all projects with a smaller gap of time, it may create havoc at the end. It lowers the quality of your work and may amplify the chances of rejection. Therefore setting different deadlines with a time gap is essential. Also, you must fix the deadlines as per the priority of work.

  1. Submit Draft

The coding and development part is the area where the client doesn’t bother you much in any Indian web developer project. But designing is the part where you may need to edit several times. Therefore, never inform your client or submit your work after completion of the project. Always send a draft to your client. It helps you in avoiding rework and the pressure thereafter. It is the best practice for working as a web developer. If your clients are acquainted with the field, you can also send a draft in a phased manner.

Final words

Edit, changes, rework is a part of Indian web developer projects, so be flexible in rework. You may also need to add or remove a certain section on the request of the client. Be flexible, real, self-organized, motivated, and disciplined.


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