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Future Of WordPress Development In 2020 And Beyond

By Steve Torres | June 22, 2020

Future Of WordPress Development In 2020 And Beyond

There was a time when WordPress was popular amongst only the blogger community. But coming to modern times, it has evolved into a highly favored development service of business owners. Amateur users with next to none technical expertise can both manage and control website content by banking on WordPress. Be it social networking solutions, e-commerce websites or media platforms, WordPress development company can help with the custom web development solutions in an efficient manner. Today we are going to take a look at the future potential of WordPress in terms of productive and innovative outcomes:

Modern day websites are flocking with assistive and automation technologies. A glaring example of the same is the use of chatbots which are web-based messengers for streamlining an array of customer support and administrative tasks. The chatbots can assist with capturing leads, improving customer support, enhancing user experience and monitoring clicks. Studies have revealed that 85% businesses are going to use chatbots by the end of 2022. Tools like Botsify have easy WordPress integration and can also help in exploring chatbots for the website. The IBM Watson plugin is another popular tool offering endless customization potential.

  • Blockchain

Financial sector is slowly opening up to the possibilities of blockchain technology coupled with its adoption of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This is also influencing content monetization and plugin development of WordPress websites. Blockchain technology is particularly helpful in strengthening on-site security and speeding up payment transactions occurring in e-commerce sites. WordPress has recently launched a new platform called Newspack which is equipped with blockchain features. It operates with the main motive of enhancing the security and reliability of publishing outlets and can alleviate the challenges associated with back-end site development and maintenance. Your appointed WordPress development company might also opt for other crypto themes such as Cryptic or plugins like Site Reviews and WordProof Timestamp.

  • Offering Voice Search Possibilities

The voice search technology is gaining traction in both personal use fields as well as business avenues by riding on the advancement of artificial intelligence. You can take the example of Alexa and Siri, which are two insanely popular voice activated search assistants. According to research studies, half of the searches to be made in 2020 are expected to be voice-activated. Voice shopping is also emerging as the ‘IT’ thing of retail industry where you simply need to pronounce the thing you are looking for rather than typing it all down. Voice search is also expected to bring significant improvements in the field of SEO as people use more natural language while undertaking voice search. The engines are also going to deliver results which shall be more in sync with the user’s demands with the growing popularity of voice search. The WP Fastest Site Search is one such plugin which can be used to add voice competencies to your website.

  • Progressive Applications

Smart phones users often demand an app-like experience without having to install any bulky software. This is exactly what the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) can deliver. They operate in a way similar to native apps within mobile browsers. The PWAs can bring along an array of benefits like more flexibility, faster loading times, more security and better user experience. WordPress applications are realizing the massive popularity of PWAs and also offering various plugins for transforming your website into one. The Super Progressive Web Apps is one such plugin which allows users to add a website to their mobile home screen. All of the pages visited by them get stored locally and can also be accessed in offline mode.

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  • Virtual & Augmented Reality

Modern day businesses are trying to interact more with end-users by banking on the potential of virtual and augmented reality. Both these technologies consider the physical environment of a person before superimpose it using layers of digital information. The IKEA Place app helps consumers in gaining an idea about how a particular piece of furnishing shall look in their home setups. WordPress authorizes VR content along with 360-degree images and videos. WordPress development companies can be seen banking on the Ozisti Theme to integrate AR functionality into their WordPress websites.


WordPress offers enormous scope in terms of integration and customization without any licensing requirement. This makes WordPress an extremely lucrative solution with 55000 plugins and 35000 themes to enhance the web functionality as per requirement. A reputed WordPress development company can easily help an e-commerce owner in getting his WordPress website combined with the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin. This in turn can help to control and drive the e-commerce operations in a seamless manner. WordPress can help businesses in integrating their required functionality with both current and future goals. A large number of updates also helps the users in retaining their competitive edge in the face of changing market dynamics.

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