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What Will Be The Future of Web Development In 2020? Things You Must Know

By Steve Torres | November 29, 2019

What Will Be The Future of Web Development In 2020? Things You Must Know

The label “Web Development” states, deploying applications through frontend and backend codes. The knowledge of such codes are available with web developers. So, if you are ready to hire an Indian web development company then you must seek such acknowledgment among them.

With the passing of 2019 and starting of a new beginning i.e. 2020, So many features are get manipulated and many more have been put to updations. Since the last 10 years, Web Development have seen many drastic chances. 10 years back, the codes were deployed only over the backend and then Javascripts were shredded on the frontend to make things more engaging.

Now, after the passing of so many years, the experts are seeking What Can Be the Future of Web Development In 2020? What Primary or Tertiary Changes Are Going to Take Place? Although, the expert developers know it all, but still for those learners, here is a guide to Future of Website Development in 2020.

Does Web Development Have a Future in 2020?

Yes & definitely Web Development will have a very bright future in the coming year. 2020 is awaiting so many implementations, companies will hire Indian web developers, technological improvements are going to take place and so on.
So here we are going to talk about the most significant happenings in web development for 2020. It can be in languages, frameworks, technologies, manpower etc. Hence, which much ado, we should with this year’s and coming year’s foremost topic “Artificial Intelligence”.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

artificial intelligence in web development company

This is the most talked about technology, which has blown away the development markets in the previous as well as in the coming year. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence where small robots are deployed on the website with human intelligence. This makes the user engage more with your website. The technique is also crucial as the answering rate to the query of the users becomes slightly high.

Programming Languages:

indian web development company

The section is completely illustration for the web developers (professional and beginners both). Appointment are usually conducted on the basis of Frameworks & Language they known. It is also necessary that a person should have the adaptability to utilize new tools. Hence, it should be noted that web developers should be aware of the prevailing trends in the development like changes in frameworks and advancement in languages, etc.

PHP, Python and Javascript are the acclaimed programming languages in the trend. The languages will remain in the trends for each year, as the capabilities these programming language hold is not expressible.


web development frameworks

A building is considered well constructed when its base is well constructed. So it’s very important to have ground knowledge of the Framework before constructing any application. Now a new rumor is also being heard that there can be universal advancements in the frameworks. How much it is trustworthy or not? Is also depends on time.
But web developers should start their progress, in reading these facts or what we can say “rumors”. React and Vue are the trending basis of development, where after framework React and Vue are considered.

Voice Commands:

voice command Future of Web Development

The best illustration from Artificial Intelligence is Voice Command. In its initial time, it was not so considerable and was way too expensive. But now this has become the current trend and falls under the Future of Web Development in 2020.
This is not speedy as the text process because the browser require few seconds for a clear speech recognition. But now it is the most expectable thing in the website development. For an example, SEO of mostly sites nowadays is based on Voice Commands. Implementation of these commands is also taking place for many web apps and websites.


Google and other browsers also are shifting towards the User Experience. Interactivity is the necessity to any website or application. More users engage with your website, more browser will consider you for any query.
This can be best learned with an example of Genesis Car Dealer Website. Here, user can explore with a single click without skipping 100s of pages. In other words, websites and applications are created in such a way that it does not impact the User Experience.


Gone are the days when user was making only desktop searches. Now comes the era, where 85% of searches are conducted over Cell Phones. Yes, browsers have seen a tremendous hike in the Smartphones searches rather on desktops.
The difference is only about the size of the screen which will surely one day become No Bar. Thus, the apps or websites should be responsive to mobile, tablets, etc. Each and every section must be accessible properly otherwise, it will impact the engagements.

One Page Sites

With the passing of years, Indian Web Developers are noticing the role of One-Page Sites. Previously, it was unappreciated and treated as the indifference of developers. But lately, it has gathered consideration.
The first impact it is giving to the website is Speed. With one-page sites, the page speed was increased with right % and thus, making it helpful to load the page even more faster. It also helps in saving the development resources on one page. A user appreciates if anything is accessible in lesser time.


From the inception as a blogging website, WordPress underwent some pretty big changes lately. It has now become the world’s biggest CMS and has some springing changes hidden within for the future. If you want to be a part of the big change you can Hire WordPress Developer India.

Chat Bots

chatbot in Web development

The master key which actually defines AI word is Chat Bots. In present time, this is most opt solution for resolving client’s queries in a while. Each and every sector, whether hospitality, education, political, entertainment, etc. implements chatbots to engage more audience on their web pages.

Technology has become so advanced, that Chat Bots are highly characterized and behave like proper human answering you queries.

Bottom Line:

This is a sneak peak to the Future of Web Development in 2020. There can be minor as well as major updates in the technology and development sectors. So hire Indian web developers which are adaptable to these chances, which leads to sustainable working and profitable working environment. Also, the web developers should also gain knowledge about the Coming Trends in Web Development.

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